Dare to Dream

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams


It is a shame that we all often associate the word “dreams” with unrealistic expectations.we have been conditioned to call dreams unattainable, calling them pipe dreams or daydreams.

But most of all dreams remind us that the biggest achievements started out as the biggest dreams.

Anything the mind can concieve and the heart can believe, you can achieve.


A dream with a plan is very different from fantasy. Fantasy is always defined as childlike imaginings that are unattainable.unlike fantasies a dream is achievable.it can come true. however, dreams have to be concrete and attainable for them to materialize.other wise they become fantasies.

There are 3 stages to make your dream work-



You have to sit down and brainstorm about all the things you would like to do. sometimes the right ideas won’t come when you are actively thinking.it will come in moments of leisure. but when you come across a great idea, note it down.

if you get writer’s block then try asking what-if questions.

what if time and money weren’t a problem, then what would I do with my life?


When you start to visualize, start with a vague idea of what you want, and then you sharpen the focus until the pictures become clearer and clearer and sharp in your mind.

it is sort of how a polaroid picture develops right before your eyes.

a vision is an incredibly precise and powerful dream.so vivid that nothing can discourage you and nobody can steal it from you.


THE VISION OF WALT DISNEY- Another classic example of a human being with a dream and vision is Walt Disney. here is a man who turned a cartoon mouse into an international multi-billion-dollar enterprise.

His vision was so strong that even after his death it has endured. at the groundbreaking ceremony a reporter spoke to Walt Disney’s nephew Roy that “too bad Walt wasn’t around to see this all” to which he replied “oh, but you are wrong. Walt Disney saw this all long before”

Walt Disney was an exceptional visionary.



THREE steps to planning your dream

1 Write a mission statement

2 Break your dream down into goals

3 write daily to-do lists you need to do to achieve these goals




A mission statement is nothing more than a written declaration statement of your purpose in life.

No matter the length of the mission statement, it has the power to inspire people to the levels of achievement which they never thought was possible.

Your mission statement will remind you of what you want to accomplish in life.


Divide your goals into

long term goals {3-5 years}

short term goals{6months-1 year}

immediate goals {30 days}

The possibilities are endless only if you dare to dream.









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