The Beach- Reflecting Lives since day 1

A trip to the beach is my favorite experience!

i cannot explain what goes on in my mind when I stand on a beach. but I will try.first of all 7 billion humans experience life in 7 billion ways very single day.however some experiences are way ahead of others in everyone’s preference.going to the beach is one of them.not in the sense that you get to ogle half make guys and girls, but in the sense that even the weakest and ignorant of minds understand that there is something much bigger than their fear, joys, anxieties, and worries. we forget everything for a while. we think of only the present moment and that is pure Ecstacy. something much superior to that is when we think of our moments of grandeur and joys.the beach makes us feel alive.the beach makes us feel mortal. makes us feel the true power of mother nature. we become one with nature and that is pure bliss. the beach makes us feel like in the end, everything goes by in a blur. no matter how long you live. it’s a breathtaking beauty. when we humans were just starting to sail, the greatest leaders/ship captains would charm the entire crew in believing that on the other side of this ocean is a land full of life. and that metaphorically stands to date. for them with the level of education and the level of the world they grew up in, the beach was the portal to a different land. most of the sailors did not even know that there was life on the other side. A land of different looking, different traditions following and different language speaking people as humans as they were.humankind is brave and always iterating their own characteristics. all because we can think. sometimes we just don’t know the reason why we feel and do certain things. it is innate to us.our mouths cannot explain what we truly feel because the deeper the feelings, the more difficult they are to explain! its sheer ecstasy, just the sight of a beach. i find to hard to conceptualize about who loves the beach more. someone who lives on the beach or someone who has never been to the beach.such is the charisma of the beach. mother nature’s creation.and all couples know that it is whom you think about when you stand in front of the beach that reveals who’s heart you are affectionate for.



The sea once it casts its spell, hold in wonder the heart forever.

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