Introspection of Thoughts and Mind

Many people think that the brain will forever remain a mystery

If the Human brain were simple enough for us to understand, we would be simple enough to not understand it

It may be that the brain is not too difficult to understand, but easy instead.we make matters more complex by creating a structure of very fine detailing that hide rather than reveal.

The only thing these complex structures reveal is that man is capable enough to create them and has the compulsion to create such intricate and complex patterns/structures and play games with it.

Ideas have to be pushing our thought process in the right direction. if ideas miss the right direction, we move further and further in the wrong direction.while introspecting, movement is unlimited.the track is the way and the way is created by our mind itself.

It is like an army tank that goes on creating its own path while crossing a trench. the way is created by our moving imagination.

The brain on its own accord does not seek to understand and explain things exactly from a 100% objective and neutral point of view. The brain creates explanations which entirely depend on the person who is explaining.

The explanation may be highly acceptable without being highly relevant to what is being explained.if one describes something, then one hopes that the beauty of description will be appreciated.

Even in a description one may seek to reveal something one supposes that may not be apparent to everyone else involved. The more a person explains. the more they move from explanation to description.

In explanation the person tries to reveal how something unknown is only a special arrangement of the known.

There are two types of circumstances and the explanation describes how the system works in both special and general circumstances. the purpose of description and explanation is different. the former is tied to beauty and the later to say that the patch of ground is uneven is the description and to tell it is due to the trees is explanation.description is the first step to explanantion.whoever describes best is closest to the solution. Attention to detail is the mark of a GENIUS.

Words are the symbol of ideas.words usually describe things in motion. some words are used to deal with other words.they include words like AND, OR, BY, WITH. Basically, addition, division, and multiplication are ways of dealing with quantities.every single one of these words becomes a utility tool to carry out processes.

Learning medicine consisted of learning the language of medicine. In the same manner, to learn the language of the brain we have to learn new terms.

The whole of our thinking is dependent on words, the whole of our language, our education, our thought process is dependent on words we know and we don’t know.

The whole of our language is focussed on forming and communication our own thoughts and ideas

The brain works this way to make intelligent life possible. This is the way the brain works to make life possible.

The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe.



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